Regulating the Next Big Industry

Long before cannabis products make their way to the hands of consumers, they must be tested for contaminants, potency, and terpene profile.

These three major categories all contribute to the effect cannabis has on the body when consumed. The Cannabis Testing Industry has been mandated by the government to regulate the entire legal cannabis market to ensure that all legal cannabis sales are safe for sale. As a natural bioremediatory, Cannabis soaks up everything from the soil like heavy metals, microbials, and nutrients. The nutrients that get absorbed contribute to the potency of the plant and can be measured through THC percentage. THC content depicts how the cannabis is classified according to the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Cannabis that contains less than .3% THC is classified as Hemp, a form of cannabis that is farmed for oils and textiles meanwhile any samples that have THC levels greater than .3% are classified as Marijuana. These two families of cannabis are cultivated for multiple purposes in their respective industries.

The final mandated  variety of different terpenes to be tested for, that have different effects and applications in the human body from anxiety relief to treatment for inflammation and asthma. As The Green Wave takes over the country cannabis companies will need to comply with government regulations, like the ones that the BCC has mandated, in order for the cannabis industry to grow. For more information on the required Cannabis testing as mandated by state regulation visit The Bureau of Cannabis Control online at: This Link