In Mid-June The Bureau of Cannabis Control launched their #WeedWise Initiative to encourage the public about buying form legally licensed cannabis dispensaries.

This initiative includes an extensive and multilingual outreach program spanning across multiple digital media platforms. This initiative furthers the purpose of the 2016 Proposition 64 that created regulations for the legal cannabis market in order to eradicate illegal sales. With the passage of Prop 64 the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation became the Bureau of Cannabis control took on the job of regulating and licensing cannabis businesses. According to the proposition “businesses needed to acquire a state license to sell marijuana for recreational use. Local governments could also require them to obtain a local license.” In 2019, these regulations have become standard practice for local municipalities who are empowered to restrict where cannabis businesses can set up shop as well as reasonably regulate the personal growth, possession, and sue of cannabis plants.

The #WeedWise campaign takes the groundwork that prop 64 has established and sets out to boost the legal market through consumer education. “We believe that this campaign will directly impact consumer safety by clarifying that only cannabis purchased from licensed retailers has met the state’s safety standards, while sending a clear message to unlicensed businesses that they need to get licensed or shut down,” said Lori Ajax, chief of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. The importance of the state’s safety standards is baked into CertCan’s company culture and business plan. The regulations made by the Bureau of Cannabis Control have created an industry for testing cannabis as well as a way for cannabis companies to move into the legal market and grow their business.